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Recreational Boater Kit & Questionnaire
Recreational Boater Kit
The boater kits were designed to promote environmentally sound boating and to help boat owners implement clean boating practices. Considering the substantial cost associated with compiling the boater kits and the need for each kit to provide an educational opportunity, it is important to engage in face-to-face conversation with those boaters who receive a kit. The Keep the Delta Clean Program encourages you to spend time with each boater kit recipient, reviewing the items within the kits and their messages to ensure the experience makes a lasting impression and successfully promotes environmentally sound and safe boating.

Before reviewing the boater kit contents and messages, ensure each boater kit recipient completes a boater questionnaire.

Boater Questionnaire
The boater questionnaire is a critical component of distributing boater kits. The information collected from the boater questionnaire will ensure the Keep the Delta Clean Program can continue to improve the program over time by understanding boaters' activities on the water and during boat maintenance, helping identify gaps in environmental services, and finding new opportunities to improve access to clean and safe boating information in the Delta. 

View more information on recommended tips for distributing kits, collecting questionnaires, and educating your fellow boaters about clean and safe boating.

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